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BDC Funding is not a lender of last resort.
BDC Funding delivers financing solutions to meet each borrower’s needs.

To qualify for a loan, BDC Funding focuses on collaterized commercial first-mortgage real estate loans. The BDC Funding lending model was designed to experience a minimum degree of risk, thereby keeping the default rate less than 2% over 25 years in lending. Loan amounts range from $500,000 to $20,000,000.

BDC Funding maintains strict criteria in underwriting each loan. BDC Funding:

Holds the first-mortgage position on a qualified loan Lends up to 65% based on the wholesale value of improved real estate and 50% on the wholesale value of unimproved property Approves loans for one to two years providing the ability to re-evaluate assets on a yearly-basis Funds a 24-month (average) interest reserve at loan closing.

The BDC Funding model starts with the appraisal, the most important assessment of the loan to a collateral lender. The BDC Funding and bank-ordered appraisal is based on the wholesale or investor value. This is the estimated value of what the property would sell for on a cash-basis within a 90 – 120 day timeframe. BDC Funding is a 50 – 65% lender based on this investor appraisal. Following the appraisal, a final term sheet and commitment letter may be issued in 48 hours or less and loan closings may be scheduled immediately.

BDC Funding lends on:

  • All commercial and investment property
  • Bridge loans
  • Bank workouts and loan restructuring
  • Acquisitions and refinancing
  • Vacant land for investment and development

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