Brokers are the lifeline of referrals for new loans. At BDC Funding, we add-value to our partners’ efforts.


As BDC Funding finds the right financing solution for each client and each transaction, we work with partners who are seeking financing options for their clients as well.

We welcome and encourage participation from
partnerships with:

  • Mortgage Brokers and Bankers
  • Real Estate Brokers and Agents
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Financial and Estate Planners
  • Insurance Agents

We work closely with the Borrower’s advisors to:

  • Solve Financial Problems Fast
  • Provide Short Term Funding Fast
  • Customize Loan Terms to Meet the Borrowers Needs
  • Close Loans as Quickly as Possible

Call us first at 1.800.590.5600 or complete the Loan Application to discuss the loan with which you are currently working. We will give you a quick evaluation. Since all loans are different, we can discuss these differences and challenges and save time for you and your Borrower.

Once you have introduced BDC Funding to your Borrower, we will deal directly with the Borrower to produce a draft Term Sheet.  We will include your Broker information. And the initial draft Term Sheet and all revisions will be sent to both you and the Borrower.

Brokers will be identified on the Term Sheet and the Settlement Statement. When the Loan is approved, all parties will be notified by a final Commitment Letter. We protect our Brokers. All Brokers are paid at the Settlement.